We made it to ISC West 2019 and it's awesome!

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Somewhere over ISC West 2019 and LAS

We made it to ISC West 2019 and it's awesome!

We arrived in Las Vegas Wednesday midday and it’s been a breakneck pace since then at the Sands Expo hall checking out everything there is to see! We have spent this year’s ISC West show meeting with our current manufacturers and distributors and researching new products and product lines we may be adding to the site in the coming months.  

ISC West Expo Hall main entrance inside

First Impressions About ISC West 2019

We have been very impressed by Hanwha Techwin’s new products and their $1,000,000+ booth, we will be adding a best sellers list of products from Hanwha in Q2 of 2019 as soon as our partnership agreement finalizes.  At the premium level along with Hanwha, we are currently in talks to partner with Axis Communications to bring their products online as soon as possible in Q2. At a budget-conscious price point, we will be looking to bring in some Dahua OEM IP cameras and NVRs some with Starlight sensors and some without.  Other lines we spoke with and will be researching in the coming months are UNV (Uniview), Raysharp, Sunell, Tiandy and an unnamed South Korean manufacturer. We are still looking for a good self-monitored alarm solution so if you are a manufacturer/distributor for one or know someone who is please reach out!

Hanwha Techwin Booth ISC West with Axis booth behind 

New Technologies At ISC West 2019

Camera technology continues to improve as manufacturers increase resolution, low-light performance, implement superior detection analytics, and compensate for things like wind and vibration.  We have been interested to see some manufacturers implementing white light led flood lights to cameras as well as strobes that can go off on motion alarms or other analytics triggers. Thermal imaging seems to be available from more manufacturers and we were impressed to see some dual sensor cameras that do the thermal and visible light recording.  Remote viewing apps seem to be improving with more intuitive user interfaces. NVR GUIs are continuing to improve although in our opinion they still have a long way to go. We have some many more implementations of heat-mapping and sound detection in cameras and are excited to see how these trends continue to develop.

Dahua sign outside main expo hall entrance at ISC West 2019


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