Dome vs Turret vs Bullet, which do I pick? (Updated 2019)

Posted by Louis Wood on

Dome IP Camera vs Turret IP Camera vs Bullet IP Camera

Here at we sell three main camera body style types.  There is no wrong answer but sometimes a camera may offer a benefit over another based on your installation requirements.


  • Superior protection against vandalization of the camera itself
  • Difficult to see where they are pointing so one cannot tell what is and isn't being surveilled.  Can give the illusion of more comprehensive coverage with fewer cameras.
  • Visually unobtrusive


  • Often have superior IR to domes
  • Aesthetically clean looking and visually unobtrusive on your home/business
  • Easy to re-position
  • IR often away from lenses so bugs and spiders gravitate out of the image frame


  • Hoods can help with glare reduction in sunny environments
  • Often accommodate longer range lens for zooming in on faraway targets
  • Conspicuous so can be a good deterrent
  • Traditional camera aesthetics

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