Dome vs Turret vs Bullet, which do I pick? (Updated 2019)

Posted by Louis Wood on

Here at we sell three main camera body style types.  There is no wrong answer but sometimes a camera may offer a benefit over another based on your installation requirements.


  • Superior protection against vandalization of the camera itself
  • Difficult to see where they are pointing so one cannot tell what is and isn't being surveilled.  Can give the illusion of more comprehensive coverage with fewer cameras.
  • Visually unobtrusive


  • Often have superior IR to domes
  • Aesthetically clean looking and visually unobtrusive on your home/business
  • Easy to re-position
  • IR often away from lenses so bugs and spiders gravitate out of the image frame


  • Hoods can help with glare reduction in sunny environments
  • Often accommodate longer range lens for zooming in on faraway targets
  • Conspicuous so can be a good deterrent
  • Traditional camera aesthetics

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