Dahua Security Released Starlight Series

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Dahua Starlight Technology

Statistics show that most crime is committed at night. As a result, most people are looking for a security camera with a good night vision. This is where Dahua Security’s new Starlight Technology makes an appearance. Dahua Starlight Series has a high light sensitivity to provide a much brighter view under low-light conditions compared to regular surveillance cameras.


Where to use Dahua Starlight Cameras

Dahua Starlight Cameras delivers high resolutions up to 4K, with a wide camera selection including PTZ, HDCVI, and  IPC to serve various needs of low-light environments such as parking lots, streets, campuses and stores. Starlight provides much brighter images and high details which is perfect for collection valid human, vehicle and event evidence.

Dahua states that; “Starlight family meets both entry-level and high-end needs according to different lighting conditions. While Value Starlight represents cost-efficient solutions for entry-level markets, Starlight, Starlight + and Full-color respectively offer right solutions for common users, critical scenarios and the toughest environment with their various performance.”

 Dahua Starlight Technology Cameras Performance

Technical Details of Dahua Starlight Technology

Starlight cameras equipped with high-performance sensors from  1/1.8” to  4/3” inch dimensions to provide higher light sensitivity. Large aperture lenses deliver a more vivid and brighter image under low-light environments. Advanced image processing and high-performance DSP balances noise reduction and smear suppression Built-in IR lighting (for B/W image) or LED lighting (for full-color image) is equipped together with Smart IR or Smart Light technology to present better night view while avoiding overexposure in total dark environment.

Dahua Starlight Technology Cameras Night

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